Done For You Starter Sites - Ad and Affiliate

Save yourself months of planning, research and writing by working with us

Niche Research (or choose your own)
Words: 20,000 words
TAT: 3 to 4 weeks

  • Well-researched low competition keywords with a content plan for you to approve before the content is in progress
  • High quality SEO-Optimized content with a total word count of 20,000 words split between the agreed upon keywords
  • Content template
  • Premium logo
  • Clean code, no bloating plugins
  • Optimized for speed, performance, and user experience
  • Core Web Vitals safe
  • Support migrating the website to your own hosting
  • Free email/whatsapp support and advice on growing the website
  • The niche can be anything you choose. We will provide guidance regarding the size of the niche and the amount of low competition keywords available in it, as not all niches are created equal.

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